About Us

About Us

Youth Development Centre of the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (YDC-OOPL) is a leading youth-focused non-profit organisation that is committed to facilitating the release and gainful utilisation of the creative energies of young Africans in the advancement of human capital development, democracy and good governance, leadership and mentoring, and enterprise development.
Since its establishment in 2017, YDC-OOPL has created platforms for young people to learn and enhance their skills on governance issues in Africa. It has beamed a searchlight on the intricacies of illegal migration while promoting enterprise development. It continues to lead engagements on mentorship of young people by leaders in government, economy, politics, education, and other endeavours. YDC-OOPL is a registered non-profit with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

Our Vision

To facilitate the release of the creative energies of young people for social change and sustainable development in Africa.

Our Mission

To serve as a leading hub for young Africans where they can preserve their wellbeing, enrich their requisite skills, nurture their talents, enact change in the society and help build equitable, fair, strong and sustainable institutions in Africa.

Our Values

COMMUNITY – Facilitating local and global partnerships for the benefit of young people.
EMPOWERMENT – Providing opportunities for young people to dream, believe, act and thrive.
EQUITY – Ensuring that as many young Africans as possible have access to resources and opportunities that can give them a competitive advantage in life.
RESILIENCE – Supporting one another through challenging times.