Obasanjo Credit Scheme 3.0: Unveiling Wisdom

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The Obasanjo Credit Scheme 3.0 training session unfolded as a rich tapestry of insights and expertise, woven together to empower participants with invaluable knowledge. Mrs. Bola Solate, the MD of M19, set the stage, illuminating “Mitigating Actions in Tackling Barriers Against Business” through personal experiences, seamlessly segueing into Farmer Samson Ogbole’s resonant remark urging judicious use of resources: “Use OPM (Other People’s Money) to replicate results, not to generate results.” Mr. Miracle Osuji’s inquiry into the intrinsic value of business without proper publicity prompted introspection, while Ms. Kehinde Omolara, Programme Manager at the Youth Development Centre and MD of Moevents.ng, underscored the pivotal role of healthy customer relations in fostering business growth, resonating deeply with attendees. Our Partner Providus Bank, ably represented by the Abeokuta Branch Manager, Mr Dapo Alabi, then elaborated on the importance of character in lending, enlightening participants on loan acquisition fundamentals. Mr. Oluwatobi Awaye, Managing Partner of DOIT Consulting, followed suit, advocating for a comprehensive business plan as a roadmap for success. Mr. Iyioluwa Odugbesan, the Group Assistant Legal Officer of Obasanjo Holding Limited, delved into the intricate interplay of Business Ethics and Law, enriching participants’ understanding. Lastly, Martins Adogbajale, Senior Programme Officer at the Youth Development Centre and Chief Aquarist of Fishgate Nigeria, with his multifaceted expertise, adeptly moderated the session, guiding discussions and fostering a conducive learning environment.

These sessions, seamlessly intertwined, provided a holistic perspective on business dynamics, lending practices, customer relations, ethics, and the strategic importance of planning, nurturing participants’ professional growth with each passing insight.


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