Smart Business Ideas in COVID-19 Times (with experience-sharing by business owners) Google meet

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Coronavirus pandemic took the wind off the sail of almost every part of the world. The challenges were unprecedented as people struggled to adhere to quarantine measures amid worsening economic woes. Small businesses were severely impacted and young people with their drive and energy, had their movement restricted. The losses and disruptions that COVID-19 brought with it are not going to fizzle out soon. This was why the YDC-OOPL organised a virtual summit under the labels of one of its flagship programmes, the Business Enterprise. The objectives were to identify possible businesses that are suited to quarantine protocols; inform participants about pragmatic minimal start-up capital new businesses. Discussions were led by a seasoned finance specialist Mr Atilade Bolarinwa, who give examples of businesses that are suited to the pandemic and possible start-up funds encouraged participants to maximise the opportunities that the information technology offers for their businesses. Associate Professor A.O. Adenekan, a lecturer at the Bells University of Technology, Ota, Nigeria, also shared her experience and insights. The founder of HT Foods in Lagos, Mr Tobi Ogunsemowo, shared his experience of how COVID-19 lockdown prompted him to covert his passion for cooking into a business. Mr O.A. Sanyaolu, a lecturer and an entrepreneur, also shared his business experience and offered insights on how to take advantage of a gloomy situation like the pandemic to create another stream of income. Feedbacks from some of the participants included questions about how they can sustain their existing businesses given the movement restrictions. For others, it was on how to start a business from scratch.


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