Interactive Leadership Series with President Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR, on “Coping with Life’s Uncertainties: Lessons from the prison experience”

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As the uncertainties posed by the novel coronavirus bit the work hard with no end in sight, some people lost loved ones, others lost their means of livelihoods. YDC-OOPL looked inward at the life and times of President Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR, and his arrest and experience in prison.

In the session, President Obasanjo likened the challenge of COVID-19 to his experience in prison where the movement was restricted, and he was unsure of if he would be free again. His incarceration because of a phantom coup made matters worse. But he refused to dwell on the misfortune of his situation and occupied his mind with more productive activities including learning the Hausa language, reading voraciously including the Bible (which he read through at least three times) and the Quran a few times.

He detailed some other engagements with which he occupied his mind during that period of uncertainty. Some of the results included writing three books while in prison, converting some people to the Christian faith and running his businesses from prison. He urged young people to see them through the challenges of the pandemic and endeavour to rise above the tide through a disciplined approach to their personal life and business.

Participants further engaged the President with questions that were duly attended to. They were in awe of how he authored three books while in prison and even farmed maize. They expressed gratitude to him and the YDC for the interaction and how it has inspired them to approach the challenges posed by the pandemic in a new light.


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